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released January 5, 2016

Vocals: Shorty Austin
Guitar: Anthony "Slim" Sardella
Bass: Alyssa Clark
Drums: Shaun "Trashbag" Nelson

Recorded by Josh Langford



all rights reserved


Courtesy Flush Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Crucified
Crucified for fighting battles you don't have the balls to fight
Crucified for standing up for everything I know is right
Standing up for weaker men, oh my God, what a sin
Standing up for those unheard, punishment for every word
Can't sit back and watch it burn without revenge, now it's your turn
And I can see it in your eyes, I know I'm the one despised
I don't care, I'll take the heat, I'm crucified for your fucking defeat
Track Name: Hypocrite
You scum sucking hypocrite, you think I want to hear your shit?/
You're a sycophant, you play both sides and now it's time to turn the tide/
I see your game, you're all the same, don't look to me 'cause you're to blame/ You only say what you think they want to hear, there's nothing original between your ears, you ride the craze, you surf the fads and when you're gone we'll all be fucking glad/ You hide your anger, I wear mine on my sleeve, you're passive-aggressive, We don't need that in our scene/ You mirror those around you, you're true colors never show, you're feelings don't belong to you and you think that nobody knows? You ride the craze, surf the fads, and you're gone, we'll all be fucking glad
Track Name: Killing Game
It's time to play a game and you, you'll never be the same/ I know you feel our watchful eyes and we exist for your demise/ We're taking lives as the grand prize, do not attempt to compromise, you feel your stomach tie in knots and you can't seem to control your thoughts and here I come/ You lose your head, you lose your life, you'll lose your mind if you survive and
in this game there is one rule, elimination of the fool/ as in this life, it's kill or be killed, a rat race to the finish line, you're blood, so red, is ours to spill and now you're running' out of time/ I know you feel our watchful eyes and we exist for your demise/ We're taking lives as the grand prize, do not attempt to compromise
Track Name: Killin' on Ms. K
Peek-a-boo! I see you, and I'm looking out the window with my dick in my hand/ I've been gone for far too long, and it's the closest thing to sex without raping a man/ all lubed up, and I'm naked from the waist down, I pull my pecker out I'm gonna treat it like a playground/ rope swing, here I cum! bend over bitch, I wanna see your cunt/ killin' on Ms. K, Killin' on Ms. K, I do this shit every day, killing on Ms. Kelly, yeah I'm killing' on Ms Kelly, turn around collie 'cause I'm killing' on Ms. Kelly/ I spy with my little eye while I play with my little guy, you can jerk it wet, or you can rub it dry, if you've ever done time you'll understand why/ better not let her see my orgasm face, 'cause if I get caught, it's a major case/ better not let her see my orgasm face, pull my pecker out cummin' all over the place/
Track Name: Peace of Death
I want to bleed, I want to die/ I hate my self, I don't know why/ I can't change, my head's deranged, I know I'm strange/ I'm gonna spend my whole life behind bars/ evil's what I am, it's pumping through my veins...I try to be good when things are going bad, when the pressure is off, I'm right back at the start/ I don't care about myself, so don't care about me/ I need to bleed, I love to bleed, just let me bleed, it's what I need/ There's no love left, no "peace on earth" and I can't feel released by death/ now I take my last breath, there's no more jail, no more police, no more bail, let me rot in hell/ I can't be good, can't do what I should, the world I knew, it fell apart, the one once loved, she broke my heart, now there's nothing left for me...but the peace of death
Track Name: Prison
Stuck in this prison and I wanna get out, don't ever want to have these feelings again/ relapse into a life of crime, backpedal into sin/ Sometimes I wonder, Can I make it in the free world? Will these demons ever leave me alone?/ If I cease my plunder, can and will they pull me under, and strip me down to the bone? Am I all alone?/ Staring out the window to the world outside, they're looking back at me from the places that they hide/ How much longer can my anger be suppressed? Now you know I gotta' get this off my mother fucking chest/ Violence on my mind, death and hate to mankind, will I ever find relief from the forces that bind? Violence on my mind, death and hate to mankind, I'm just another gutter punk recidivist fucking swine/
Track Name: Redlist
Soldiers on the march and they're taking their orders/ Martial law is now they're closing down the borders/ red list, blue list, time to die/ Your father screams, your mother cries, freedom isn't free, it's time to pay/ You should have known it'd end up this way/ 4 AM and they're knocking down your door, go with them and die/ This is a call to arms, It's time to take a stand/
Track Name: Rock & Roll Fever
Coming soon!